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Help us to know you better - Individual account is created and fill in the questionnaire pertaining to your lifestyle, medical parameters, food habits and health goal

Assessment – Our panel of clinical dieticians and nutritionists will assess the questionnaire and parameters

Online Consultation – Appointment with the assigned Dietician is fixed via video conferencing, telephone or instant messaging app.

Diet is Uploaded – Personalised Diet plan is meticulously formulated as per individual which can be accessed through individual control panel on the website and email.

Follow-ups and On-going Mentoring Regular follow-ups, diet tips and support is provided by our team of dieticians and nutritionists in order to help you follow the diet plan. Weekly appointment is fixed for Diet change. Any queries or problems are attended during the working hours by our team.

Recipes & Functional Food Our team will be providing variety of diet recipes and functional food options as per individual diet plan to make Diet interesting, fun and easy to follow.

Choose. Eat. Exercise. Enjoy.

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