Our Work Culture

At Neha NutriFit we perform an individual’s body composition analysis, which informs us about the weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, bone weight, body water and bone density. The individual’s report is personally studied and discussed with the member/patient, our client is then taken care by our panel of Dieticians who prescribe diets and modification in lifestyle according to his/her choice and personal preference of food items.

Diets at Neha NutriFit are not conventional starvation diets to lose weight. We carve diets to tickle your palate and eat heartily and yet leading to losing weight. One’s professional and social background is considered and diets planned as per your travel itinerary, social outings, festivals etc.





How Do We Work

Schedule an appointment with the Dietician

Dietician will be assigned for orientation

Visit our center

Assistant will help you with questionnaire pertaining to lifestyle and food habits

Body parameters are measured

Assessment of the questionnaire and parameters by the Dietician

One to One Consultation with the assigned Dietician

Dietician will recommend a suitable Diet program

Once a week appointment is scheduled with the dietician where the diet is changed on weekly basis.

Dietician support is available from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm via phone, instant messaging, email and video call

Regular follow ups and check ups