Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I lose / gain ?

Your weight loss/ gain depends on your body metabolism. The higher one’s metabolism, faster is your weight loss. Males lose faster than females. A healthy and gradual weight loss is sustainable. Your weight loss/ gain also depends on your medical parameters.

What is the difference between fat loss and weight loss ?

There is a big difference between losing weight and losing fat. Your goal should never be to lose weight, but instead should always be to lose fat. When you lose weight, you lose a little bit of everything--fat, muscle, fluids and calcium. You want the majority of your weight loss to come from fat, not the other stuff. If you are only concerned with seeing a smaller number on the scale, you may be losing valuable muscle instead, which will result in long-term weight--meaning fat--gain.

Do I have to cook separately for myself ?

We do not recommend special food items for you. Your menu depends on your daily food items that you consume. We would suggest some modifications from the routine recipe to make it more nutritious which can be easily cooked and happily relished by you and your family.

Can I eat out once a week in a restaurant?

We encourage our patients/ member s to eat out. Depending on the cuisine you dine on, we suggest you the items that you can pick from that particular cuisine.

How will I maintain my weight?

Once you reach your target weight, we put you on a maintenance diet wherein we start introducing foods one by one which were restricted during your weight loss program. Once you maintain your weight at a particular point, then it is difficult to gain that weight all over again. We get you close to your previous daily routine after making healthy changes in your diet in order to help you maintain your weight.

Do you suggest any food supplements?

Your diets are well fortified and planned in such a way that they consist of enough vitamins and minerals. If your vitamin levels are really below border line and it is difficult for you to consume it through diet, then we would suggest you supplements either in the form of pills or injections depending on your parameters. These are suggested for a very short period of time till your parameters become normal.

Will my face glow be maintained or will I look pale after some time of the diet ?

Your diets consist of plenty vitamins and minerals. Maintaining the glow of your face is our topmost concern. In fact our strength is that we are medically sound so the glow on the face will be much better along with improved health.

How do I maintain my diet while I am travelling ?

We chart your diet as per your travel schedule. Depending on the location you are to be travelling, we give your chart as per the availability of foods in that particular place making it easier for you to maintain your diet while you are travelling.

What happens to missed sessions while it is not possible for me to follow the diet when I am ill or due to any other reason ?

In a 3 months program, you can freeze your program to a maximum of 15 days, upto 21 days in a 6 months program and upto 1 month in 1 year package. The number of days you have informed to freeze get added to your program and your program is extended accordingly.

I am scared of body pain and injuries in the gym

We have a concept of personalised exercise studio where we customize the exercise plan as per an individuals body parameters and food and lifestyle. After the registration we conduct a fitness test where we analyse the level of fitness and endurance after which our team of fitness consultants and trainers design your work out plan which is carefully supervised on daily basis. This reduces any chances of over exertion thus avoiding unnecessary body pain / muscle spasm or any kind of injury.

Will I put on again after leaving the gym ?

All our plans are designed considering ones lifestyle and working pattern. The exercise regimes are more over natural and sustainable which help you to learn and maintain yourself even after you quit gym. It always suggested that one should do some physical activity atleast twice a week for more than 35 minutes.