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Numerous people in the corporate world are ending up as victims of lifestyle diseases. The corporate environment produces lot of stress when combined with wrong eating habits, unavailability of nourishing and healthy foods, hectic travel schedules and lack of physical activity. These factors manifest as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart strokes, etc... This results in lack of productivity by an employee and absenteeism.

Employers relate efficiency directly with health & over all wellness of their staff. Today for the corporates, it is important to have their employees in a good health in order to have good productivity, work efficiency and presence of mind. This helps in maintaining a healthy and stress free work environment for both the employers and the employees.

Neha NutriFit has been providing healthy lifestyle solutions to individuals as well as corporates as a whole. We have been providing on-site diet and fitness consultation, workshops, seminars and menu planning services. The benefits arising from this program are

What do we offer

Diet, Nutrition and Exercise Workshops, Lectures and Seminars

Consultation and Diet Planning for group and individuals

Exercise and Fitness Activities

Gym Management

Gym Setup and Consultation

Inch Loss and Fat Loss Therapies

Organizing Fitness and Nutrition Events

Health Check-Ups and Assessment

Cafeteria and Menu Planning

Healthy Diet Snacks

With our expertise in diet, nutrition and fitness we have been providing services to Corporates, Educational Institutions, Government Institutions, NGO's and Housing Societies.

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